The Rapido Chiller preserves the texture, appearance, flavours and nutritional properties of food. In addition, it improves the safety and organization of your work in the kitchen.

In short, you save energy, gain work hours and reduce waste.

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Safety & Savings

Blast chilling, carried out following the correct time and temperature parameters, prevents the proliferation of bacteria. This extends the shelf life of food. At the end of the blast chilling process, the product can be kept in the refrigerator at +3 °C for 5 or 6 days, in compliance with HACCP standards.

Rapido Chiller, thanks to its innovative technology, improves the safety and organization of your work in the kitchen.

Connectivity & Match Function

Monitor your blast chiller in real time from any smart device or computer thanks to Zanussi connectivity services.

The data helps you to optimize your production flow and reduce maintenance costs, ensuring that your business runs in line with food safety requirements.

Thanks to the new Match function, you can not only cook & chill but also prove & bake or thaw & cook.

Special Cycles for Great Professionals

  • Ice cream: produced at a temperature of -8/-10 °C. For ice cream display cabinets, the temperature is -14 °C: your ice cream will remain rich and creamy and will not form ice crystals or appear translucent, but always will be delicious.
  • Chocolate Cycle: you can melt or temper chocolate professionally using this special cycle.
  • Controlled proving: manages the production of all your leavened products. Choose when the mixture needs to be baked and Rapido Chiller will have it ready (it automatically adjusts accordingly).
  • Smart Thawing: with the appropriate automatic temperature management and thanks to the Airflow air circulation system, frozen food is brought to the ideal temperature for servicing or cooking.
  • Raw food safety: sushi and sashimi can be served with no problems and no anisakis thanks to blast freezing to -20 °C at the core and holding for 24 hours at the same temperature.
  • Sous-vide: the special cycle for all vacuum preparations.
  • Yogurt: you can produce delicious artisan yogurt thanks to the new controlled fermentation and conservation program, perfect for serving or as an ingredient in sweets and cakes.
  • Beverages Cycle: brings wine and beverages to the perfect temperature.



The ZANUSSI Professional Blast Chillers and Blast Chiller/Freezers are the ideal equipment of modern kitchens where food quality and safety, no food waste and kitchen workflow efficiency are the keywords.

Based on the number of meals served daily, Blast Chillers offer a tailor-made solution for every kitchen to optimize space and time while keeping the quality of the food served as it was just prepared or cooked: just insert the food in the blast chiller, select a chilling or freezing cycle and push Start.

ZANUSSI Professional Blast Chillers and Blast Chiller/Freezers can be fully integrated with the ZANUSSI Professional Ovens and the corresponding Roll-in cabinets sharing the same trolley solutions.

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